Ease with Choice, Living and
Money Program

12 weeks to create a different reality with ease!

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Exercise your muscle of Awareness, Knowing, Questions, Asks, Energies and Trust to create Ease with Living!

Living a life with ease gives you access to so many more choices, possibilities and new adventures. You will find that your life will change in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways without you having to think it, figure it or work it out. The magic shows up through things falling into place and you will have a flow of living that is energising, expansive and creative.

Each week there will be a focus on the topic for that month with Processes, Questions, Clearings, Energy Exercises, a Private FB Group, FB Lives, Videos, Clearing Loops, Zoom Calls with Audio, Video and Chat Recordings!

Ease with Living, Choice, and Money!


A gentle, caring, nurturing way of creating the change you desire! 

Ease with Living, Choice and Money!


A short and sharp way to change the thing that you would like to.

Ease with Living, Choice and Money!


An easy and effective way to change a group of things that you would like to.


As long as this Program is being offered you will receive the same price as when you purchased the program.

PLUS ... a 10% Discount on the extended 9 month program in 2022


Inclusions :

~ 2 x 60min Zoom Sessions each month

~ 2 x 60min Being the Energy Exercises each month

~ All Video, Audio and Chat Recordings

~ Fortnightly Target Setting Worksheets

~ Fortnightly Challenges

~ Private FB Group

~ Pop Up Q and A (Question and Awareness) FB Lives

Bonuses :

~ A 3hr looped Clearing Audio for each month

~ A Daily Kickstarter Clearing Audio

~ A Being the Potency and Demand Clearing Audio

~ Being the Energy Clearing Audio

~ 30% Discount on Create Magic Private Sessions

~ $20 off One Off Create Magic Zoom Calls

~ 20% Discount off all other 3 month Programs